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How she named the business: "Stitch-A-Ree rhymes with "factory," and it's an old factory building. Also, I've always been a spelling rebel.

Why she likes it: "I like making people happy, fixing whatever it is that needs to be fixed."

How she started: "I started sewing when I was four years old! My dolls needed clothes, and my mom gave me a piece of cloth, and I'd put the doll down on the cloth, then cut around the doll and stitch it up.

"I'd stand on tiptoes to see my mom when she was sewing. That's how little I was."

Experience since then: "I worked eight years for Duck's back doing piece work on hunting and fishing clothes. I worked on the second floor, and it would be 110 degrees with the fans blowing. I sewed like the wind!"

"Then I worked for ten years for Northeast Uniform, then ten years out of my house. I have been in business since 2004.

Most unusual creation: Men's jacket made from deerskin brought in by a hunter.

"It was the softest, prettiest leather material I'd ever worked with. It turned out great, and he loved it."

Most common job: "Hems! There are a lot of short people who need things shortened." We love short people.


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